Fit Gains Plan

 This program is specifically geared towards gaining muscle and losing fat. Similar to the weight loss program in its personalized food plan, this plan is often accompanied with a suggested supplement plan to help the body burn fat, and gain muscle. ​​

>>Weekly program, Starting at $99                             

Our dietitians offer the following programs:
Weight Loss Plan
This program focuses primarily on weight loss. You will meet with your trainer and fill out an questionnaire, which focuses on your metabolic profile, your past and current medical history, and your body composition. A food plan will be designed specially for YOUR body type. A daily log will be provided. This program is incredibly successful because it requires weekly check-ins.

>>Weekly program, Starting as $99                     

the healing plan

This comprehensive and detailed program is geared toward those whose bodies need specific healing from specific diseases, like diabetes, thyroid,
and cancer. After intense questionnaire, blood work analysis, and working together with with your primary doctor, we will devise a food plan for each stage of your healing process. 

>>Weekly program, Starting at $135