Power Circuit
Mon, Wed, Fri | 5PM - 5:50PM

This class is all about dumbbells, barbells, and cables. This type of circuit training incorporates strength training and endurance. Great for building strength and muscle tone.

Tue & Thurs | 6:30PM - 7:15PM

Don't wait for summer to get your buns into shape! Grab a
​buddy after work and let's get it right and get it tight. Burn up to 600 calories and get swimsuit ready.

Group Training Classes

Mon, Wed, Fri | 6PM - 6:40PM

Our Plyometric group training will bring out your inner athlete. Using athletic movements to improve flexibility and range of motion; you'll burn up to 1200 calories in the process. 
Sweat Warrior Boot Camp
Mon, Wed, Fri | 5:30AM - 6:15AM

This High-Intensity Interval Training will not only build muscle and activate fat burn during the workout but will also burn calories throughout the day.

Hard "CORE" Abs
Tue & Thurs |5PM - 5:35PM
ABS, ABS, and more ABS... We Think you get the point!